Swan Pool

Swan Pool, Last light







Swan pool is a beautiful place. We have had many visits here. The story is that a young woman walked into the pool killing herself and her young child. Although we can find no records of this event. It is said that the ghostly cries can be heard on certain nights, and that the ghost of a young woman has been seen entering the pool. We can confirm the ghostly crying as we have heard this on several occasions and indeed caught this on recorder. Unfortunately, we have also caught the source of the crying on camera…..A vixen.

We have ran emf baseline tests of the area and can confirm that there are no emf sources around the pool. We have attempted communication with the ghost girl many times with no success.

The other sighting by this pool is that of a ghost dog, who runs the footpath surrounding the pool before turning into a mist and vanishing. Whilst we were on an unsuccessful communication attempt with the lady the team decided to call the dog.. The results surprised even the most skeptical of us..