St Briavels Castle




Ghosts of St Briavels


Castle Keep Area

The ghost of a soldier in full armour has been seen in this area. A ghostly black dog, and the sounds of people screaming.


Hanging Room

Strange sounds such as marbles dropping, humming and scuttling noises are often heard in this room. The appearance of a dark mass figure-like shape has also been witnessed standing in the doorway and people have reported being violently pushed.


Poltergeist activity has been reported in this area, with furniture being moved considerable distances. Voices and footsteps are also heard, as well as people being grabbed by unseen hands. Another frequent report here is the sound of growling. Also people getting scratched.

Chaplain’s Room

Dark figures are seen in this room also, often standing in the doorway, blocking people’s escape route.  Strange flashes of light and red orbs are often seen. People have reported the sensation of being touched when no-one else is around and beds have also been known to move, as well as people witnessing indentations on their beds as if someone is sitting down. A thermal video of a cold mass, which moved away on command, was also captured here. The wardrobe door in here was opened even though a guest was holding it closed.

Constable’s Room

The sudden feeling of dizziness, nausea and strangulation has been reported in this room. As well as strange unexplained rustling noises and sickening smells that come as fast as they go. The door has been known to violently swing open of its own accord and beds have been seen to vibrate.

Porter’s Lodge

In this area a gentleman staying at the castle reported the feeling of being pinned down on his bed, with him unable to move. A misty and sometimes dark shadow has been seen standing near the fireplace,and it’s also been seen near the doorway. A strange dragging sound is often heard, as well as the sound of a crying child.


This room contains what is known as ‘the scary bed’. Guests have been awoken by what is said to be an angry spirit. It appears that it does not like people staying in this bed, as it violently tugs on the bed sheets. Some people have also reported being awoken by a woman screaming. Another guest was woken by the feeling of being attacked. He had scratches on his arm and left the castle quite quickly.

State Apartment

The state apartment is one of the oldest remaining parts of the castle. It has since been split up into individual rooms. Footsteps in the rooms are reported frequently by guests, as well as the sound of a curtain closing in the room, even though they are already closed. The sounds of footsteps are also heard on the corridor outside the room, as well as the sound of scratching and loud banging coming from the door and the walls.

People believe that the spirit behind these noises is that of a young girl that has been seen at the end of the corridor, dressed in white. One report has seen this girl walk through a wall. A dark shadowy entity has also been seen to walk across the state apartment room. Arguing voices have been heard in the corridor as well as the apparition of a black dog.

Car Park

This is the place where frightened guests run to for escape. Not the greatest idea. We have had guest’s running back into the castle after seeing a dark figure walking around the parked vehicles.