SPI utilises a vast array of equipment for the purposes of event entertainment, debunking, baseline testing, presentation and monitoring. We will also be introducing via our technical team; bespoke equipment available to the public and other teams as it is developed. Whilst we include items such as Crystals and Ouija boards in experiments, we in no way recommend their use in paranormal investigation and our utilisation of them may differ significantly to other teams and individuals.

Wherever possible, SPI will seek out natural phenomena/explanations for alleged paranormal phenomena using typical ‘ghost hunting equipment’ for the purposes of detecting that which they were intended  i.e.  EMF via gauss/KII – ‘without’ labelling such occurrences of EMF as paranormal. We will endeavour to prove/disprove the validity of equipment in respect of paranormal investigation via experimentation and reconstruction of events/occurrences and also through research. The validity of any ‘potential evidence’ will be thoroughly scrutinised without the inclusion of visual ‘primes’ in order that third parties may make up their own minds without any team bias.