Naas Lane

On July 18th 1771, William Jones murdered Miss Mary Jones of Naas House, Lydney.
The Murder happened in a meadow, known as East Marsh, located near Lydney Church.
As Miss Jones walked home from Lydney with her friend, Miss Harriet Gough, Morgan passed the girls, said goodnight to them.  He carried on through the meadow for 200 metres, doubled back, snuck up behind them, and attacked. He hit Miss Jones with a heavy oak stick, first blow knocked her to the floor, the second blow killing her.
Miss Jones died at the scene, her body laying across the path in the meadow after receiving the fatal injuries to the back of her head.
Miss Gough, fled. Morgan chased after her and attacked again, striking her multiple times and leaving Miss Gough badly injured in a ditch.
William was convicted and executed on March 11th 1772
As of yet we are unable to establish the location of William Morgan’s execution.
We have made several trips to Naas Lane in search of the spirit of William Morgan, concentrating on locations that other groups have had results.
As we suspected, we could capture no evidence at these locations.
We have since concentrated our efforts on the place the murder took place, and at the mortuary, where Morgan’s body is believed to have been kept after execution.
There have been many sightings of William Morgan’s ghost over the years, mainly of a big man, wearing a stove pipe hat, Khaki coloured cape and thigh boots.
Although a big man, silence is usually described surrounding him.
Another sighting has him hanging from a tree.

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