Caldicot Castle







Caldicot Castle is an impressive stone medieval building situated in Caldicot, South Wales.  The castle was build in the 1100’s.  It was registered as a Grade 1 listed building in June 1953.

The castle has been owned by many families through the years, passed down through generations.


As time went on the castle was neglected and fell into ruin.  The castle was sold to Joseph Richard Cobb in 1885.  He began the restoration work and his family lived in the castle.

Between 1885 and 1964 the Cobb family owned the castle.

Chepstow Rural District Council bought the castle from the Cobb family in 1964 for a mere £12,000.  The castle was opened to the public in 1965.



Caldicot Castle is said to be extremely active.  Many people have reported seeing monks, knights & children.  People have also reported hearing crying and sounds from battles.  Its also been said there is a poltergeist which people say is the spirit of a lady believed to be Alianore de Bohun who resided at the castle in the thirteenth century.




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