I have always had an interest in the paranormal. Starting with ghost stories as a child. This led me to skulk around graveyards and haunted locations looking for a scare. The scare never came, and if I am honest still has not. I just don’ t find the paranormal frightening. As I got older I began watching documentaries and TV shows about ghost hunting. This I took as inspiration and began watching and reading everything I could about ghosts, UFO’s and crypto zoology. During the year of 1992 I was working on a school history project about the slave trade. Whilst on a visit to Littledean Hall I began speaking to a staff member about a young slave boy who used to live there. This lady told me that the slave boy could still be seen walking the corridors.

I took all of the stories that I had been told and spoke to my science teacher. During the conversation we discussed the paranormal and ghost hunting and we decided that what was missing was a science based group. So I created a paranormal team which I named Scientific Paranormal Investigations or SPI for short. I spent a lot of my time learning all I could about the paranormal and methods and techniques of investigating.

When I was not investigating I spent time recreating (yes faking), reviewing and debunking other team’s evidence, and believe me, most was laughable, either very easily explained or so obviously fake it was stupid. This caused me to fall out with most groups around. My greatest moment was visiting the Most Haunted set for one of their “live” shows. Funny how they could cut out my comment when Yvette asked me what I thought of their show.

I still am as skeptical as ever and rely a lot on technology, which has its uses in both proving and debunking the paranormal, but I do strongly disagree with some of these so say expert skeptics who will stand there and deny everything and offer impossible explanations, or create environments, that make evidence impossible to capture in the name of “science”. Not using “science” to investigate and understand captured evidence.

Well that’s me, skeptical, techno-nerd and fun loving but a serious investigator. I have dedicated my life to investigating the paranormal and will keep on until I get the answer, one way or the other.

Keep it real

Mark is the founder of SPI. to send Mark a email Click Here to fill out a contact form.