Drakelow Tunnels

We visited Drakelow Tunnels in Worcestershire on 28th March 2015.

Drakelow Tunnels were originally built in 1941. They were used for different things before being handed over the to British Government in 1961 to be used as a top secret underground military complex.  The tunnels formed part of a highly classified network of Nuclear Bunkers.  The tunnels in total are an impressive 3.5 miles.

In 1980 Drakelow Tunnels were upgraded with blast doors and air locks to make it a comply with full Nuclear Bunker status.  They operated in secrecy until 1990.  In 1993 the whole complex was decommissioned and sold.

The complex is now looked after by the Drakelow Tunnels Preservation Trust.  Its is the largest Cold War Museum in the UK.

Click here for Drakelow Tunnel’s website